lundi 20 juillet 2009

More of them !!

pier tape "Know how now no punk plan" is available too.
Just be sure to get your own copy through our page or via pier directly.

Bipolar Bear's tape is on its way, stay tuned...

Then we'll make some plans for the forthcoming releases, some schedule will be posted soon.
Frank & John

dimanche 14 juin 2009

Tapes !!!!!!!!!

Hi people.

The first tape is finally available, others will follow quickly.
pier tape is already on its way, so stay tuned.
You can get your hands on our stuff via the shop section on the right side of the page or through Gaffer records webpage.


samedi 17 janvier 2009


Hi People, we decided to start this tape-only label as a Gaffer records subdivision. The main reason is that we love tapes...thats' all.
We'll have a couple of releases in the next weeks/months and we'll start with this
...more soon.

You can also visit our record label page :

Frank & John